Lifestyle Workshops

Aphrodisiacs Today

Today’s aphrodisiacs can be found through the ancient study of kama “the enjoyment of things by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling.”*

Bring pleasure to your life in this descent workshop where you will explore the erotic in foods, spices, scents, textiles as well as in art, film and music.


Beauty is not a Size

You KNOW that you can be stunning but you are still battling to find good clothes in your size (aka you have not seen a size 12 since you were 12, and maybe not even then). You can’t find a quality bra.  And shoes? Fogeddabadit!

In this workshop we discuss the hijacking of the body image movement by corporations on the take, We look at the issue of whether we really want to be sexy in today’s standards. Who  gets to dictate what beauty is and who is should be called beautiful.

We also talk about clothes and shoes and bras and swimsuits.