Dance Workshops

Sexual Healing Dance

It’s often called “Dirty Dancing” but really there is nothing dirty about expressing your sexual side on the dance floor, even if that floor in your own bedroom. Indeed, it can be quite be liberating.  In this class you will learn to move with style and with confidence assured, drawing from Latin dances, bellydance and freestyle. Open to women or couple Available for at home events and private classes.

Dance-Prep for Couples

Wedding coming up or going on your Friday night date? Planning on taking dance lessons but don’t want to go in green? Learn the moves and pick up easy basics in latin and swing that any couple pick up. Confidence building is assured.

So you think you can network

In this class we use dance as a means to explore networking skills. Just like on the dance floor, there are expectations  that need to be met.

In this class, attendees learn the rudiments of leading and following on the dance floor – and in conversation – and the fundamentals of social dance (and networking) etiquette. Dances covered include merengue and east coast swing.