“I can and I will”

I ‘ve had a bit of a setback but watching this video of British Bakeoff reminds me again of the great things that I am capable of doing. More to come!

Nina’s Silent Stare

I feel more alive now than I ever have in my life. I have a chance to live, as I’ve dreamed.

– Nina Simone in July, 1968
Nina Simone

On the first Sunday of the month, I go to a pub called the Gin Mill to attend ABFC (another bloody folk club). This time, I did a singing spot doing a rendition of Nina Simone’s See Line Woman. I did okay but I must work on it.

While bopping around on Youtube (as it now knows that I have a thing for Miss Simone), I found a short video of Nina Simone playing Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence.

Don’t mess with me.

It is magical. It amazes me how people forget how this divine Selkie could play. She had such a hard life and still managed to bring joy to others, all the while making it clear that she did not take sh*t from anybody. That silent stare of her’s shot darts. Both mad and mad.

This lady had IT in spades.

Jason Momoa

Image result for jason momoa

I am barely familiar with Jason Momoa – I know he did Game of Thrones and played Aquaman. I know that he is partnered with Lisa Bonet. I know he has children.

But I have been enjoying his videos online about his Aquaman tour and his interviews. This is a man who likes to play, who is passionate about climbing, cameras, motor bikes and his heritage (arguably more so than acting).

Which reminds me, yet again, that my life is not my job. My job provides me with the income to do the things I love: sing, read, look at art, and learn.

Here is Jason in Hawaii. Near the end he does a Hawaiian warrior dance (I gather this is similar, but not the same, as a Maori haka). I don’t live in Hawaii but I can find beauty in my home town of Toronto just the same.